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Fountains or Water Features

Did you know that a fountain or water feature from The Yard Stop Garden Center can not only turn your front or back yard into a natural nature oasis, but it can be done with minimum maintenance once installation is complete. With the proper design, planning and build we can create an atmosphere you will enjoy year-round. Our pre-built or custom-built fountains and water features are both affordable and low maintenance.

The Yard Stop Garden Center …

Our trained professionals design and install custom water features of all types. Each of our projects is unique to our client, giving an air of distinction and luxury. We specialize in water fountains, and water features of all shapes and sizes. We can design, build and install automatic systems that you never have to worry about; fully enclosed water features that add class to your yard without increasing your work; or open water features.

  • Can add value to your property
  • A great backdrop for entertaining
  • Creates a natural captivating environment
  • The Sight and sounds of water positively affect levels of relaxation
  • Water features can act as highly effective air filtration systems

Did You Know ?

Vinegar will not hurt your fountain when cleaning! It will actually do the opposite: vinegar does very well in healing your fountain pump and tends to be more potent and successful at cleaning the fountain than ordinary soap and water.

This will help to keep your operating costs lower and to avoid wasting a precious resource here in Florida.

Such a fountain likely is going to be less expensive to run than one in the middle of the yard that requires running a hose and pumping new water.

To keep the system clean and smooth-running all year round.

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